Bailliere's South Australian Gazetteer and Road Guide 1866 - Waterloo

WATERLOO (Co. Light) is a village lying on the main road between Kooringa and Adelaide, 7 miles S. of Black springs township. There is a steam flour mill, a store, and an hotel-The Waterloo inn- in the village. It is situated on the Light river, a few miles S.W. of Apoinga, the next post town.

WATERLOO (Co. Light) is a central hundred in th ecounty consisting of purchased land, mostly taken up for agricultural purposes. It is watered on its W. side by the Upper Light river and its E. tributary creeks. The township of Hamilton, on the main N. road, lies in the S. part of this hundred. The area o this hundred is 57,600 acres, of which 17,775 acres are under cultivation, the population numbering 1576 persons, chiefly agricultural.