Manning's Place Names of South Australia - Steelton

North-east of Marrabel, recalls Andrew Steele of 'The Royal Oak', Tothill Creek, who subdivided section 1024, Hundred of Waterloo, and section 1023, Hundred of Saddleworth, in 1858. Born in Northern Ireland in 1817 he arrived in the William Nichol in 1840 and died at Steeltion on 13 February 1891. Its post office opened in September 1861. On 3 February 1866, a meeting was held at the Steelton Hotel, 'to elect officers and make arrangements for the races... Judge, Mr C. Martin; Starter, Mr B. Watts; Stewards, Messrs D. Murphy, M. Gillick, R. Davison, M. Connelly; Clerk of the Course, Mr T. Kilderry...' Information on a proposed school was published in 1863; it opened in 1865 and closed in 1879. (See Royal Oak)

Bailliere's South Australian Gazetteer and Road Guide 1866 - Steelton

STEELTON (Co. Light) is a postal township in the electoral district of Light, hundred of Saddleworth, and under the control of the central board of main roads and the district council. It is situated on the Light river, Tothill's creek being 3 miles E., and the Gilbert river 5 miles W. The district is an agricultural one, wheat being grown in large quantities. The nearest places as Marrabel, 6 miles S., Waterloo, 5 miles N.; and Saddleworth, 5 miles W. No public conveyances run to these places, and the nearest route for passengers to Adelaide, 72 miles S.W., by horse or private conveyance to Marrabel, and thence by Rounseveil's mail coach. Steelton has a post office and 1 hotel -the Steelton. The surrounding country is mountains, consisting of hills and fertile valleys, in which the agriculture of the district is carried on. The population numbers about 60 persons.