Bailliere's South Australian Gazetteer and Road Guide 1866 - Marrabel

MARRABEL (Co. Light) is a postal township in the electoral district of Light, and hundred of Gilbert. It takes its name from Mr. Marrabel, formerly a landowner in the neighbourhood, and is situated on the main line of road from Kapunda to Kooringa (the Burra Burra mines) being about 15 miles N. of Kapunda. The road in course of formation, and nearly completed, is a fine macadamised on. Marrabel is adjacent to the river Light, which lies to the E. of the township, and in the course of which are several large and deep waterholes. The inhabitants of this township have a great advantage in being able to obtain, at a depth of 16 feet from the surface, fresh wholesome water, well adapted for domestic purposes of all kinds - no inconsiderable boon in the colony. About 1 1/2 miles to the W. of the township lies a range of hills, portions of which are known as Butcher's gap, Belvidere, and Finniss point. These hills abound in fine stone and timber, both suitable for building purposes. Marrabel has a steam flour mill, neatly and firmly constructed, and containing grinding and silkdressing machinery of the best kind. There are also 2 general stores, 2 blacksmiths', 1 wheelwright's, 1 butcher's and 2 shoemaker's shops. There is a post office, and good school recently erected, a lodge of the M.U. order of Oddfellows (Marrabel lodge,) and a commodious hotel - the Marrabel. The district is an agricultural one, wheat being extensively grown in it. Gold is reported to have been found near the Belvidere range amongst some quartz-reefs, but it has never tempted the public to test its value, although many persons have visited the locality. The nearest places are Hamilton, 5 miles S. on the main road, and Steelton, 6 miles N. The communication is by Rounsevell's daily coach, and with Adelaide 63 miles S., by Rounsevell's coach to Kapunda, and thence by train. The surrounding country is flat, a plain extending for several miles between the Belvidere range on the W. and a smaller range to the E. This plain is well-watered, fertile, and much of it under cultivation. The Township is only about 2 1/2 years old, but it is in a flourishing and promising state. The population numbers about 90 persons.